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Fellowship Education

The Fellowship Program trains new physicians to provide palliative and hospice care for patients in all settings, including the hospital, nursing homes, ambulatory clinics, and the home. Fellows receive supervised clinical experiences and see at least one hundred new patients over the course of their one-year training. Prior to Nathan Adelson Hospice Fellowship Program, medical school students interested in specializing in hospice and palliative care had to leave Nevada for training. This program enables Nevada to retain these students as well as draw medical professionals from other geographical areas.


Farmilies in Need Program 139 patients and hundreds of family members were helped using our Families In Need Program. Paws for Paul 31 patients pets were supported using our Paws for Paul - The Paul Ames Pet Therapy Program. Camp Erin 31 young campers who lost a loved one were able to attend camp in person in 2022. Carole Fisher Meal Delivery 4,830 meals were delivered to patients and caregivers. The Bonnie Schreck Complementary Therapies Program 685 patients received therapy treatments. We Honor Veterans 871 veterans were provided respectful and compassionate care specific to their military experience. Elaine Wynn Palliative Care Over 3,600 patients received palliative care. Program Results

by Source Funding

4,417 Patients 4,417 patients and thousands of family members were provided compassionate, loving and respectful care during one of the most difficult times of their lives, which we all face at some time. $533,009 in Care $533,009 in care, programs, and services were provided by Nathan Adelson Hospice which would not be possible without the generosity of Southern Nevada donors. The uninsured and the under-insured in our community were impacted the most by these dollars, yet the programs listed here are provided to everyone cared for by the Hospice, without reimbursement from insurance. 2,472 Transports The ability to transfer our patients with the same kind of compassion that is provided during their end- of-life journey makes us unique. We understand that our patients are making the most of their last days, and a timely transport makes a difference. FREEWILL · $1.3 MILLION ESTIMATED VALUE AT TRANSFER An online tool provided by Nathan Adelson Hospice to help you make your end-of-life decisions while

Bequests $261.379 Corporations $233,813 Individuals $1,537,669 Foundations $1,288,702 Total raised $3.3M

Your belief in our mission connects you to a deep commitment to our community and you make a difference for people at the end of life’s journey every day. In 2022, we were so thankful to have you and other supporters helping us weather yet another year of the pandemic. With your support, compassionate care is the signature cornerstone of our work. Thank you for helping to continue Nathan Adelson Hospice’s vision that no one ends their journey of life alone, afraid or in pain.

your are able! During 2022: • 15 estate plans started • 6 bequests and 2 contingent bequests • 2 funeral wishes

This easy-to-use tool allows you to make after-death gifts to any nonprofit you choose, not only Nathan Adelson Hospice. This type of “planned” giving allows us to prepare for the future care of all southern Nevadans, and may provide tax benefits for you.



Special Events

Multicultural Luncheon 220 participants

Serenades of Life Doctors in Concert 215 participants

Butterfly Release 1,000+ participants

A Flair for Care 520 participants

Wine and Food Tasting Extravaganza 400 participants

Festivals of the Season (Pahrump) 93 participants

8% 7%

Board of Trustees Linn Billingsley Jeri Crawford

Leadership Karen Rubel

President and CEO Lori Townsend Chief Nursing Officer Rosamari McNulty Vice President of Employee and Volunteer Solutions Anne Patriche Vice President of Quality and Education Caleen Norrod Johnson Executive Director Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation

Alan Duncan Chris Haase Jeanne Jones Dennis Kennedy Edwin Kingsley, M.D. Ellis Landau Michael Luce Scott MacTaggart Alan Molasky Irwin Molasky In memoriam 1929-2020 Karla Perez Steve Peterson Reed Radosevich Michael Rumbolz Frank Schreck Lou Silvestri Rich Worthington

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